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Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems provide security for the retail environment by triggering an alarm when an article with a security tag, pin or label is taken out of the store without it being detached or magnetically deactivated at the till point. Electronic Article Surveillance Systems are available in two formats AM and RF. The system consists of the following four elements:

AM & RF EAS Systems

AM & RF EAS Systems

Our AM, RF and EAS Retail Security products offer a comprehensive range of the most up to date Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) retail security systems. Our security products have proven track records and have been operating throughout Southern Africa for 18 years. Our range of AM and RF systems are suitable for all retailers including food, clothing, pharmacy, hardware and liquor stores.

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Our electronic article surveillance retail security products include a comprehensive range of AM and RF tags including liquor store security tags, soft labels, as well as Benefit Denial tags (ink tags), alarming tags, spider wrap tags, baby milk formula clamps and safers for cosmetics, batteries and razor blades and energy drinks.

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EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) tags require magnetic detachers to release the pin. Our retail security products include a range of Strong Lock and Super Strength Lock releasers. These are available in various configurations and sizes.

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Our AM and RF Deactivators provide soft label deactivation. There are two types of electronic article surveillance AM deactivators: Proximity and Touch deactivators. The Proximity deactivator, deactivates the label in close proximity while the Touch deactivator has to touch the label to deactivate it. The deactivators can be self-operated at point of sale or integrated with a scanner.

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Stock Loss Prevention Technologies provides turnkey retail security solutions to a wide selection of retailers throughout Southern Africa and offers a comprehensive range of Electronic Article Surveillance products. SLP has been installing EAS system for over 18 years with systems in operation for customers representing a substantial portion of the retail industry. Our philosophy is to exceed our clients’ expectations every time. We service clients across Southern Africa, with our Head Office in Sunninghill, Sandton Johannesburg, and service centres in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, East London, Durban and Windhoek.

We offer a comprehensive range of retail security systems and electronic article surveillance:

  • Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems and tags
  • Security systems or scanners and tags. These provide security for the retail environment by triggering an alarm when an article with a security tag is taken out of the store.

  • EAS antennas
  • The panel installed inside the entrance to the store is called an EAS antenna (also referred to as a store sensor) and consists of an electronic device that detects security tags (security clothing tags) leaving the store.

  • Trolley guards
  • Stainless steel trolley bumpers prevent the antennas from being damaged by trolleys.

  • Remote maintenance
  • Our Dexilon AM systems can be remotely maintained using a TCP/IP unit.

  • Foil bag detection
  • Dexilon AM systems can be configured to detect foil bags entering the store (metal detection). When this happen a different alarm is triggered.

  • AM and RF tags
  • The security tags are available in AM (acoustic magnetic 58Khz) and RF (radio frequency 8.2Mhz).

  • Pins, labels and lanyards
  • Pins that fit into the tags are available for various types of tags including ink pins which releases ink and spoils the garment when removed illegally. Sticky labels are available in AM and RF technologies, ideal for tagging small items. Lanyards are ideal for securing tags onto bags and shoes.

  • Liquor/Bottle store security tags
  • The Grippa bottle tag secures bottles and are available in AM and RF technologies.

  • Tag detachers and deactivators
  • Magnet detachers are available for the removal of tags from products. Deactivators deactivate sticky labels.

  • Sensormatic and Senalco systems
  • Security systems are often known by these original brand names.

  • People counters / customer counting solutions
  • People counters or foot counters (Footfall) track the number of customers that enter through a particular point. These counters can be used to determine conversion rates in the retail environment. There are two different types, one is camera based called Footfall and the other is an LED beam that can either be built into the tops of the EAS posts or can be a stand alone unit on either side of the doorway (Dexilon Flux unit).

  • Open Display Products
  • For the protection of cell phones, tablets, laptops, cameras and wearables on display. This allows customers to touch and experience the product without being able to remove it.

  • RFID security system and tags
  • Dexilon systems can be integrated with a RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device) for ease of stock take as it combines product information with security tagging.

  • CCTV
  • We install and maintain Provision and Hikvision CCTV systems in high definition (HD) with various DVR sizes and remote viewing.

  • Sound Systems
  • Background music system enhance the customer retail experience.

  • Zip-it security
  • Zip-It security bags are available in AM and RF and are ideal for securing product such as medicines in pharmacies between the dispensary and the tills. This is a bag that is zipped closed and locked preventing the removal of the product. It is then opened at the till point using a detacher and can be reused.

Our longstanding service to the retail industry has given us great insight into emerging trends, and the ability to tailor products to address security challenges accurately in order to give our clients a value-added service.

We always advise our clients to take on a more proactive and integrated, rather than a reactive, approach to retail security.

Request a quote online and our team of security technicians and experts will conduct a thorough assessment of your retail space to determine which products will work best for you. Electronic article surveillance is our strength.

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