Foil bag detection

Why do people use aluminium foil to try and avoid detection? A foil booster bag made to prevent electronic signals passing through which is used by shoplifters to avoid theft detection at the cash counter. Foil bags are normally home made shopping bags, backpacks, garments or containers lined with foil. The foil shows up as a blank spot on an x-ray machine, making it a popular method used. Slptech can help with stock loss prevention for your store.

EAS security systems give notification of a foil bag and can be adjusted to give alerts to the owner or manager of the store, with alarms which are set off on the EAS retail security systems.

Should EAS systems be installed to pick up foil bag detection?

Yes, as this will alert the retailer to potential stock loss

Can RF and AM EAS security systems pick up foil bags?

Yes, frequencies and ranges are set to optimise foil bag detection

Do sliding doors or other aluminium products interfere with foil bag detection?

Adjustments are implemented for aluminium doors, rotating doors etc