Increase Retail Security and Reduce Theft

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Shop owners dread the day they find out that their staff members are stealing from them, but whether you want to face this or not, many shop owners come face-to-face with this damning reality every day. You might be on the lookout for ways to stop this or even better, ways to prevent this.

At SLP Technologies, we believe that prevention is better than cure, and encourage a proactive, instead of reactive approach to retail security. Here are some great ways you can prevent this from happening to your business.

1. Eliminate the rotten apples
When looking to hire new employees, always run a background check to see if they have a history of theft or drug abuse. Candidates who use drugs are a high risk as they could steal stock to support their habit.

2. Keep an eye on your employees
Install a video surveillance system, and make sure that it is no secret as people are less likely to misbehave when they know that they are being monitored. Make sure that you install these in storage rooms, review the video recordings often and limit the number of people who have access to the systems to prevent tempering with it.

3. Set up an anonymous employee tip line
Make it easy and confidential for employees to report any incidents of theft that they may come across at your shop. A lot of people do not report these cases as they are afraid of being singled out by their co-workers for being sellouts. If people know that their co-workers are watching them and could report any shady dealings, they will be less likely to behave in this manner.

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