Metal (foil bag) detection

Foil lined bags (booster bags) are becoming more and more common as thieves manufacture these bags by sticking Aluminium foil inside standard shopping bags, backpacks, garments or containers. This prevents electronic signals from passing through the bag
Prevent retail crime organizations from using this new shoplifting methods to cause high losses in one single strike.

EAS security systems with metal detection, alarms when a foil bag enters the store immediately notifying the owner or manager.
Upgrade your EAS security system with the integrated metal detection feature, to detect any person coming into the store with metal foil bags to remove goods from the shop.
The new DEXILON METAL DETECTION SYSTEM is more than an EAS system in that it detects and warns of Foil Bags (booster bags) entering the store.
Its integrated configuration decreases the installation space required, therefore increasing the available space inside the shop. Unlike other products available in the market, our system can be installed closer to automatic and manual metal doors.

The DEXILON SYSTEM provides various new features now daily required

  • * Foil or booster bag detection
  • * Detacher detection
  • * People counter

The system also detects and alarm when detachers, used to disable tags, are brought into the store.
For more information on our people counter refer to the section on customer counting.