Protect stock loss and reduce theft with the RFID security system, easy to install and proven to be effective in stock loss prevention

SLP Technologies supplies RFID Johannesburg (Radio Frequency Identification Device) to retail companies, the company is based in Johannesburg but supply all over South Africa.

Solaris RFID is a state of the art anti-theft system based on UHF RFID technology. Its range of antennas adapts to any store size and and configuration

RFID security systems are compatible with TotalIT software, real time information can be checked by central and store managers. The security systems can send its alarms to our PAGER APP, sending information to a mobile device.

Dexilon is dedicated to driving the barriers to deploying RFID technology as low as possible. We design our products to be easy to use out-of-the box and to deliver predictable, reliable and repeatable performance. Our products require little RFID expertise, enabling to rapidly deploy the solutions.

Advantages of the RFID security option:

  • RFID standalone will detect preset EPC's (electronic product codes)
  • RFID software checks the item's payment status
  • Picks up many tags in short space of time
  • Alarm settings can be customised
  • Dexilon offers a series of RFID readers, RFID antennas and RFID software to increase productivity for a variety of retail applications. By using Dexilon, organizations benefit from the expertise of engineers who have been designing systems for retail for years.

    Dexilon RFID is flexible. Our readers, antennas and software work like bricks which can be deployed and adapted to any need. It is this flexible approach what makes Dexilon RFID the perfect solution for retail applications for any use case.

    The Dexilon RFID security system can be combined with:

  • AM and RF detection.
  • Magnet detection
  • Metal foil bag detection

    Dexilon RFID readers will meet the performance requirements of the most demanding fixed position multi-antenna reader applications, delivering the highest read rate and RF power. It will transmit up to +31.5 dBm and can read more than 750 tags/second. This performance makes it the ideal RFID engine for challenging applications. It is possible to customize its comms to support board-to-host connectivity.


    SOLARIS RFID antennas can be used at multiple locations. The device can be placed for example where the goods are being received to track the items arriving. Or it can track the items that are moved from different warehouses. The antenna could be placed at the customer entrance to detect which items are leaving the store and to alarm on the items that are not being paid for.


    RFID Software is the most critical piece of an RFID application. Whether you are preventing theft, tracking assets or conducting inventory, we have the RFID Software to meet your needs. Our software can be modified or upgraded to adapt to your existing hardware or processes.

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