ZIP-IT Security


OPEN up your displays

Zip-it provides the most cost cost effective way to provide ope products display. Whilst the patent pending locking system keeps theft at bay.
  • Patent pending Zip locking system.
  • High security hanger to work with existing anti-sweep solutions.
  • Expendable design to perfectly fit your merchandise.
  • Durable security pouch.

  • how zip-it works

    Zip-it is extremely easy to use. It works exactly the same as a traditional zip.
  • No training required.
  • Quick and easy to fit.
  • Compatible with standard detachers.
  • Use standard RF or AM label with Zip-it.

  • integrated with ease

    Zip-it is extremly aesy to implement at any level.
  • Easy for staff use.
  • Works alongside your current solution.
  • Reduce your losses with ease.

  • easy to manage

    Zip-it is so simple to integrate into your retail environment. Zip-it requires no additional equipment and creates fewer drawbacks by the traditional safe/keeper.
  • Fit more products on the shelf maximising your retail space.
  • Reduce cost with less re-stocking required.
  • Reduce the chance of being out of shelf stock.
  • Slim design allows more can be stored at the checkouts.

  • secure new categories

    The flexible, clear material allows you to protect your merchandise without putting a barrier between the customer and your product.
  • More cost effective than traditional security solution.
  • Flexible for new and old products categories.
  • Compatible with standard detachers.
  • Fits standard RF or AM labels into Zip-it

  • reduce transportation

    Zip-it is 90% smaller than its competitors when flat packed. Theought the logistis process you save money.
  • Reduce shipping costs.
  • Reduce warehouse costs.
  • Shorter delivery times.

  • all shapes and sizes

    Zip-it comes in a large range of sizes. Offering the most flexible solution on the market.
  • Large range to fit almost any product.
  • Tight fit provides a cleaner display.
  • Custom sizes available on request.

  • Download the ZIP-IT PDF here.

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